Mink Island

Mink Island (via Hyper Island)

North Kingdom gave us a brief saying that they are about to create a new brand called MINK. The main goal with MINK is for North Kingdom to keep all the creativity which they can't put into practice with real clients and make products of it. Our mission was to create a platform, a creative resort, MINK Island!

We found out that the fundamental words for North Kingdom are humanity and human warmth. We took these words and added relax and we came up with the concept "MINK, the creative resort". We took almost 2 weeks and built our island of paper and clay. Then we rented a camera-jib and and shoot our footage of the island. After this we took our footage and made a prototype of the web shop. We wanted to have this analog touch just to point out that MINK's products is like handmade and personal, without costumers or other commercial guidelines to follow. We also made postcards from MINK Island, which we sent to North Kingdom the day our pitch.

My role:
Concept, visual design, interaction design, flash production and really a lot more